Food Defense Training

In May 2002, the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) updated the FSIS Security Guidelines for Food Processors to assist facilities in identifying ways to strengthen their food security protection. As of July 26, 2005 Washington the USDA, FDA, DHA and the FBI announced a new collaboration with the states and private industry to protect the nation’s food supply from terrorist threats.

Why Develop a Food Security Program?


FSIS understands that, in addition to concern for product liability and brand name protection, market driven forces have already caused some companies in the food industry to invest in security enhancements for their establishments. One driver for these actions has been the request for security improvements by customers. In these cases, the security status of a facility typically is characterized by third party auditors using checklists adopted from FSIS or FDA guidelines.

What is Food Security?

Food security involves prevention, minimizing, or responding to the deliberate contamination of food products by a variety of potential threat agents.Food security is not the same as food safety.
Food Safety Specialists has the ability to either write your food security program or perform a third party audit. We strongly believe and operate under the Food Security Principals:

1. Clearly Understand What Needs to be Protected
2. Apply the Highest Security to the Most Critical Components.
3. Employ a Layered Approach.
4. Reduce Risk to an Acceptable Level.
5. Security Must Have Strong Management Support.