Haccp Planning To Control The Potential Hazards Ensuring Quality Food Supply

To ensure that all businesses producing entire food supply chain are successfully producing a product that’s safe for humans to eat the Haccp principles were designed so that they could be applied throughout the food manufacturing process.Haccp stands for Hazard Analysis and critical Control Points and outlines the principles in food safety.The various principles of food safety are:

  • Hazard Analysis
  • Critical Control Points
  • Critical Limits
  • Corrective Action
  • Procedures
  • Record keeping

The Haccp process can be applied to all processes throughout each and every stage of the food supply.This includes production,preparation,packaging and distribution.It focuses on potential,physical,chemical and biological hazards that could occur during the food manufacturing process and make the product unsafe.

The  Haccp Certification Training  is a comprehensive 2 day Haccp training seminar certified by the  international Haccp alliance.The fundamental aim of the Haccp principles is to discover potential hazards so that control measures can be designed.The Haccp principles are designed to determine the processes and procedures you require.Hazard analysis is the initial process of identifying potential hazards that could occur at any stage of food supply chain.Once the hazards have been identified controls to eliminate or manage them must be designed and applied.These are categorized as physical,biological or chemical hazards.Our comprehensive Haccp  Training is certified by the International Haccp alliance for providing hazard identification and analysis as well as identifying critical limits by suggesting corrective actions.

The Food Safety Modernization Act Consulting  has been implemented in sections,requires all food related suppliers to follow specific guidelines and offering consulting services in both SQF and BRC.We also offer support regarding general food safety,quality and Haccp along with regulatory and crisis management.

Food Safety Specialists conjointly organize Food Defense Training to help facilities in distinctive ways in which to strengthen their food security protection.Food Security Program concerns for product liability and brand protection to speculate in secure investments. Food security involves prevention, minimizing, or responding to the deliberate contamination of food products by a spread of potential threat agents.

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