Interim Management

What is Interim Management?

The resources to solve your short-term management problems.
Specialists can provide you with one of the most significant resourcing tools around today – Interim Management – the leasing of a manager for a defined period of time, enabling you to implement change, to fill unexpected gaps in a company or manage a project.
We believe that tomorrow’s management team will be based on a lean, highly skilled core, drawing on other skills as and when needed. Food Safety Specialists Interim Managers are the experts in providing this short-term expertise.

We can introduce,at short notice, Interim Managers across all disciplines including quality, sanitation, pest control and food safety.
Whatever the size of your organization, you can be assured our Interim Managers are used to moving into challenging situations and providing immediate solutions for our clients.

Benefits of using an Interim Manager

What are the benefits of using an Interim Manager?
Our managers have worked extensively for our clients and we are able to personally endorse the quality of their work.
Because of their level of experience and skill, our Interim Managers can be productive immediately and of course they are exclusively committed to your project.
Food Safety Specialists  results orientated approach means the Interim Manager will truly embrace the problem, define the issues and take ownership of the project.
With an on going quality control program including Monthly Reviews of progress against  terms of Reference and on site visits, we ensure total client satisfaction and value for  Your money.